Yoga and Ayurveda

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Yoga and Ayurveda complement each other for your inner well-being. Ayurveda mostly influences the body while yoga is meant for the mind. Meditation or yoga takes control of your emotions. Every human body is constituted by a pattern of wits or ‘doshas’. These not only influence the body structurally but psychologically as well. All your reactions and emotions are dependent on these doshas.

Ayurveda for healthy living has its roots in the Vedas. This ancient method of treatment has proved really effective.  This is a natural means of retreating from the stress you undergo each day.  It is the best way of detoxifying your body without having side effects.

Yoga for health is necessary for benefiting your doshas with required techniques. This will help you gain a balance between your emotional, mental and physical aspects. For example, a bridge pose will influence Kapha dosha in your stomach. Different poses or asanas are meant for affecting different doshas.

Yoga and Ayurveda consider all the shades of your constitution, such as age, health, sex, spiritual inclination. It’s not you but the techniques that have to get accustomed to you. The results you get strongly depend on the way you perform your pranayama or asana. If you are holding your breath or the pose in a manner which is different from the suggested manner, you may not get the same result.

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Ayurveda for healthy living implies the promotion of your lifestyle and its quality. Our health is not just dependent on bodily functions but our character as well. The goodness of the character induces inner strength which naturally affects you physically, for the better.

Yoga for health is the other name of bringing positivity in your life. Through stretching, controlled breathing, and other asanas, you can set your mind free from negative thoughts. Life becomes least complicated when you are sure of your every action, whether to do it or not.

Yoga and Ayurveda are the only ways of remaining self-sufficient so as to tackle the day-to-day challenges. Experience it for yourself and you will identify the difference these make to your life.

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