Yoga as Medicine

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Though not a substitute for medical treatment, yoga ensures our healthy living in many away. The most useful benefits of yoga as medicine are mental and physical therapies. Here you have the most important efficacies of yoga.

Physiological Benefits

Regular practice of yoga relieves us from stress and increases our concentration. The meditation refreshes our health and makes us more quiet and attentive.

Combating Respiratory Problems

The breathing exercises of yoga called ‘Pranayama’ help us to improve our breathing process. Yoga, a natural medicine, calms down our central nervous system and empowers our lungs to breathe deeply.

Decreasing Hypertension

People suffering from hypertension can easily find medicinal benefits of yoga. A routine of yogic breathing has been proved to be beneficial to reduce blood pressure and relax our body.

Pain Management

In many yoga institutions, yoga as medicine is used to heal patients in an organized way. The prescribed way of breathing exercise helps us to get rid of back pain and typical muscle pain and ensures healthy living. When you exhale deeply, your muscles get tender and relaxed. While practising several ‘asanas’ like ‘padmasana’, we must keep our spine erect. It prevents us from back pain and muscular tension.

Preventing Arthritis

Gentle pressures on the muscles and joints while practising yoga helps us to have easy stretches of limbs. It also relieves the tension of the joints. Thus the medicinal benefits of yoga keep us away from arthritis.

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Weight Reduction

The movement of our body parts while doing the yogic exercise makes the glands to stimulate hormonal secretion maintaining a sound health. It increases fat metabolism so that fat cells are burnt into energy and muscle. Yoga, a natural medicine burns the ingested extra calories which help us to lose weight.

Acquiring Flexibility

Yogic exercises get our muscles more flexible. Regular practices of yoga as medicine help us to attain flexibility of our rear parts, shoulders and hamstrings.

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