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Yoga has become an integral part of urban life and getting proper yoga clothes are an in-thing now. In today’s world of jumbled chaos practising yoga is a must for healthy living and doing it in the right outfit brings out the most desired results. Dresses for yoga must be chosen in such a way that while practising the asanas one will not have to think about the appearance. 

There are no hard and fast rules while choosing a dress for yoga. Avoid loose-fitting dresses.  This is because there are many postures for yogasanas which needs the body to get inverted. Clutching the T-shirt while doing Pranayam can be embarrassing.

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Few things to keep in mind include:

  • Stretchable tops made up of cotton are cool. It will make you at ease with yourself.
  • Go for pilates tank tops for yoga. You can also choose the T-shirts which are body-hugging. They will allow stress-free movements.
  • The tops or shirts which have loose lapels and necklines should be strictly avoided. These clothes make a person conscious about the appearance which should be avoided during exercising.
  • For the women, tops with proper bra support are preferred. 
  • Yoga pants must-have waist with elastic strings. It must be according to the shape of the wearer’s body. These pants are available with a foldable waist for women. It provides extra comfort. Short pants are a strict no.
  • Capris for yoga are also a good option for both sexes. Tightly fitted harems can also be checked out.

Taking care of health is very important whenever one indulges in physical activities. Dress materials like bamboo, linen and organic cotton should be used for yoga clothes. These fabrics soak the sweat well and keep your body cool. Those who are fashion conscious can go for different prints, embroideries and designs.

Light colours like pale yellow, apple green, breezy blue, earthy brown provide the right effect. The power of practising yoga for a healthy living gets enhanced if you opt for the right yoga clothes.

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