Yoga for Back Pain

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Yoga for back pain is a topical subject as people all over the world are sufferers. It is a malady which affects all classes of people rich and poor and also old and young. It does not spare any gender. For any health and wellness issue, if properly understood is half cured.

It is now widely believed that the treatment of back pain through yoga is fruitful. This crippling malady could be due to various reasons. The common reason is attributed to the wrong sitting and standing postures. It could be due to advanced age also. Climate also plays an important role. It has been observed that people living in the cold and damp atmosphere are more vulnerable. In a nutshell, it is a nagging problem which may cripple a valuable life. Research is being conducted to find out whether any genetic factor is involved.

Yoga reliefs for back pain can be understood by the way it arrests the progress of the malady. Proper meditation together with postures (asanas) should bring lasting relief to the sufferer and restore health. However, there is a word of caution. It should be learned from recognized gurus and teachers only.

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Lasting relief by practising yoga for back pain will be worth remembering if practised regularly with Baba Ramdev’s yogic asanas. Transcendental Meditation propagated by Late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is one of the best forms of Vedic meditation. But before we proceed further, we must understand the meaning of yoga which is a holistic concept.

Treatment of back pain through yoga is an effortless effort recognized throughout the globe. It is a unification of the mind and the body. In reality, the Vedic rishis who were the original yogis gave more importance to the mental exercises, which included samadhi.

Yoga for back pain prescribed by Vedic gurus is the key to mental and physical health and wellness and once this kind of relaxation is attained, pain management becomes easier. The yogis believe that the mind controls the body and not the other way round.

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