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India has always been considered a spiritual country where yoga and meditation form the core of life. Due to its richness of traditions and cultures, many consider it a perfect destination to achieve spirituality by bringing the soul and mind to a desirable stable level. A blissful and spiritual experience is possible here only when the ancient practices of yoga and meditation are followed. After all, the tranquillity of mind and soul is not possible everywhere. 

With constantly growing stress in life, any mind seeks tranquillity and often tries to achieve it temporarily through a gentle walk or gazing at nature. But both these activities are not enough to channelize the mind, rejuvenate the soul and keep your body fit. When yoga is practised, a body achieves the rhythm, the mind gets the melody and the soul finds the immaculate harmony for a peaceful existence.

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In yoga, a body can benefit from different kinds of exercises as per the need and body type. Some of the popular forms include Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa or power yoga and Iyengar yoga. There are many meditation practices which are used to relieve stress, including the breathing method. More than hundreds types methods are available in both these art forms, as every individual can avail the benefits out of them as per the need.

Tourists from all parts of the globe flock to India to benefit from the age-old practices of yoga and meditation. With Rishikesh being the hub of yoga in India, many tour packages are offered so that anyone can take advantage of ancient practices. If you want to keep a balance of mind and body, there is no better way than to go in the refuge of an authentic ancient India art.

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