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Montessori materials are like fun for kids and parents need to be careful while selecting these products. Many items child may take in the mouth during playing, so the quality of the product matters a lot.

Science sort activity set – 200 Cards

Science sort activity set

Colossal card set of 200 photographic cards (2″L x 2″H) offering full-colour photo on one side and word on reverse. Supports deeper understanding as children classify, compare and analyze while sorting engaging photo cards onto graphic organizer mats.

Reinforces science content and vocabulary in 8 major science themes:

  • weather & water
  • Simple machines
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Earth & space
  • Motion
  • Energy
  • Technology & tools

Features 5 write & wipe mats (17″L x 11″H) with the 3-column chart on one side and Venn diagram on reverse.

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Linkology – Solar System Card Game


Explore Earth and space science topics with this simple, fast-paced card game. Match word and picture cards relating to the solar system, reinforcing key Earth and space science concepts and vocabulary.

  • Covers a variety of core concepts and content, including planets, the sun, stars and constellations, galaxies and more.
  • Engages students with vibrant real-life photos and key solar system facts.
  • Reinforces vocabulary and classification skills.
  • Includes a deck of 100 self–checking photo and word cards.

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