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The year starts on a romantic note with the celebration of Valentine’s Day on 14th February every year. If you are in love, you must have decided some surprise for your beloved. The day truly belongs to the couple deeply engrossed in each other emotionally and spiritually.

On Valentine’s Day all the ones in love paint the town in red and pink with roses and hearts. Couples dating and spending quality time in a romantic ambience is the call of this day. It is often believed that it is the work of the cupid to make someone fall in love when he strikes his arrow straight to the heart.

Despite not being a festival or a holiday, 14th February is celebrated worldwide with much enthusiasm. The ambience on this day seems flooded with romantic cards, red roses, beautiful gift items and chocolates, especially the heart-shaped ones, cupid’s pictures with wings bow and arrow and romantic candle-light dinners to name just a few.

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Love is eternal as it is between two hearts and souls. After all, it is a beautiful relation to be cherished and supported in all thick and thins. This Valentine’s Day pamper your sweetheart and make him or her feel on cloud nine!

Valentine’s Day History

Valentine's Day History

The history of Valentine’s Day dates back to 269 AD. The main story that lies behind the origin of this lovers’ day is connected to Saint Valentino. It is said that a warmonger, Roman emperor, Claudius II, on observing his soldiers shunning promoting his battles because of their loved ones in the house, imposed order of halting marriages in Rome. It was Saint Valentino, a Roman priest, who along with his friends continued the ritual of wedding in defiance of the king. The saint used to do this procedure secretly to bind two lovers forever. However, his actions came into the notice of the emperor and he was sentenced to death.

Saint Valentino was in jail when he fell in intense love with a girl, who perhaps had been the jailor’s daughter. She used to visit him during the period of his imprisonment. Before he was sentenced to death on the very day of 14th February, he wrote a letter to his sweetheart signing his name. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius set this day to be celebrated as Valentine’s Day in his honour.

There lies another legend in the origin of Valentine’s Day, according to which in primaeval Rome, Juno, the goddess of marriage and women, began a feast of Lupercalia. On the festival eve, boys were allowed to choose pieces of paper on which Roman girls’ names were written. Each boy was allowed to stay with the female partner he chose during the festive time. It happened that many of the couples used to fall in love and stay together throughout their lifetime. Hence, the eve of Lupercalia is celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

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