Walking High in High Heels

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High heels not just add to your fashion quotient but your height as well. Women nowadays are obsessed with height and feel insecure if not standing taller to others. They also certainly feel that these shoes give oomph to their style.

Heels that are 3 cms high are the ones, to begin with, if you are a novice in walking in such shoes. A little practice and you are all set to walk high. Flat- based high-heeled sandals from Charles and Keith are just apt for beginners. These woody-textured sandals with rich coloured velvet straps are classy and stylish heels will get it at a reasonable price.

The platform sandals from Dolce Vita raising your heels 4.75 inches above the ground look sexy when matched with your black outfit. These sandals in black, gold and dark silver are the latest trends to flaunt.

High heels from Guess are strikingly hot with their uppers in bold colour combos. The entirely black sandal with a touch of gold or pewter in its mid strap makes it a prized possession of every woman. Especially, the v-shaped ankle straps of the pair are quite appealing.

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It’s not just your height but how fashionable your feet are also matter in attracting the attention of others. Step out in a 4.75-inch heel from ZiGiNY and it will do the rest for you. This pair of shoes brings in all three royal colours-gold, black and silver straps donned with little shimmering rhinestones. This ornate pair jells well with bohemian maxi skirts as well your cocktail dress.

For a more embellished and confident look to your feet, step into the sharply pointed red heels from L.A.M.B. This skimpy sandal does not have a platform sole thereby truly reflecting the tradition of high heels. The sandal straps are ornamented with tiny pyramid-like studs.

Heeled shoes teamed with long layered or pleated skirts are a classic trend in giving you the most sensuous look. An amazing fact is that these heels add a slimming effect to all those healthy women out there. 

So try out a pair and see it for yourself the magic it recreates in your feminine charm!

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