Wear Your Geometric Print Right!

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After being a rage back in the 1960’s it was about time that graphic geometric prints made a comeback and back they are, with a bang! Fall is upon us, so it’s time the florals shift to the back of the closet. Graphic prints move forward, please.  From suits, skirts and pants to bags, clutches and scarves, this trend is catching on.  The range of geometric printed extends to shoes as well!

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So while geometric prints and designs are trending and back in fashion, we take you through some rules to carry off this fad:

  • The thing about geometric prints is that you can either match prints or clash them. There is a lot of space to have fun with them, loads of mix and match options.
  • Don’t try too much matchy-matchy, nor mix up wrong patterns.  Choose a single colour of the geometric print and wear that colour for the other half of the attire. 
  • If you are carrying a little weight, go for smaller motifs. Also, if you are heavy around the hips, opt for a geometric print top rather than a skirt. Being aesthetic is one of the golden rules of fashion no matter the trend. 
  • I know for a fact that people are wary to try this trend out and I don’t blame them, this one can turn tricky. But the key is to start out easy. Balance out a printed shirt or tunic with plain trousers.  That way it won’t look very busy and will save everyone a literal headache. 
  • Try the trend with a geometrically printed clutch, then maybe a scarf, then a skirt and so on. Prada has lined up some amazing bags sporting bright catchy geometric prints. 
  • The prints are repetitive with patterns shaped like polka dots, triangles, zigzags, circles, squares, stripes or a particular motif repeated all over the piece.  Single-piece dresses paired with a matching belt are your best bets for starting big. 
  • Once you are confident carrying the trend, span out to dresses, pantsuits, and jumpsuits. 

So rock your closet with geometric prints and graphic designs, your ticket to standing out in a crowd.

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