Wedding Makeup Do and Don’ts

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wedding makeup

Every girl wants to look perfect on her wedding. It is justified as it happens to be the most important day of her life. So, in order to be a stunning bride, Here is the list of some Dos and Don’ts of wedding makeup you need to keep in mind.


  • Stick to the classic and sophisticated look.
  • Always moisturise your skin before applying make-up.
  • Apply a primer before the application of foundation and concealer on your face.
  • Always dust loose powder on the face with the help of brush so that the make-up stays put.
  • Include a dash of bronzer on the bridge of your nose (to make it look slimmer) and on the forehead.
  • Stick to standard colours of eyeliners like Black and Brown. If you want to experiment then go for deep blue eyeliner.
  • Choose a flattering warm peach or rose colour for your cheeks as blush.
  • For lips, go for standard shades like red, rust and pink but if you want subtle lips then choose mid-tone neutrals like caramel, pinkish nude.
  • Apply lip balm before application of lipstick and always line your lips before filling in colour.

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  • Do not follow the latest trends blindly. Everything cannot suit everybody.
  • Do not go for a foundation that is too light than your real complexion. It will only make your make up look cakey.
  • Do not put extra blush in wake of looking like a blushing bride. You will naturally blush too.
  • Do not choose bold colours like blue, green, yellow, pink etc. for eye shadows.
  • Do not experiment with your make-up before the D-day.
  • Do not use heavy coloured brow pencils to define your eyebrows. That’ll make you look stern.
  • Do not wear pale coloured lipsticks like nude, frost or lip tints. You’ll end up looking washed out.
  • If you highlight your eyes then do not go for bold lip colour and vice versa.
  • Just keep these points in mind and be a dazzling bride on your wedding day!

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