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India is a country where tradition matters a lot. When it comes to weddings, the bride or groom are expected to follow all the rituals, customs and traditions. However, some traditions and rituals can also be fun! One such fun tradition is the application of henna or Mehendi as it generally called. Women apply Mehendi on their hands for festivals, weddings any happy event for that matter, as it is considered auspicious. Here are some of the most popular styles of Mehendi applied in India.

Rajasthani Mehendi

Typical Rajasthani Mehendi design
Typical Rajasthani Mehendi design

This form of Mehendi style has its roots in the folk and culture of Rajasthan state. Rajasthani Mehendi style comprises of intricate designs full of checks, mesh, peacocks, elephants and flowers. The most identifying feature of a Rajasthani style Mehendi is that the fingertips of each hand are slathered with henna without a design. This basically highlights the hands and makes them look beautiful to look at.

Arabic Mehendi

Beautiful floral Arabic Mehendi design
Beautiful floral Arabic Mehendi design

This style mainly comprises of designs made in the form of petals and flowers. It sometimes has rounded designs as well. Arabic designs are comparatively thicker in their appearance. This is because the nozzle of the application cone is cut to have a wide opening; hence a thicker line. Thick outlines serve as a highlighter in this type of Mehendi.

Glitter Mehendi

Glitter Mehendi replaces jewellery in this hand!

As the name suggests, this type of Mehendi is applied not by using usual henna or Mehendi but with glitter! Yes, the application cone is filled with glue and glitter and then the design is applied on hands. This style is a recent trend for women who don’t like the Mehendi’s colour as it fades away. It is quick in the application and dries up really fast. You can simply apply the design and attend a function and then wash your hands; the design will leave no traces at all. However, in order to cater to some clients, artists modify this style by applying the usual Mehendi using henna and then simply outlining the design with glitter.

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Contemporary Mehendi

Give Mehendi a modern twist with this contemporary design

This style is very modern as it involves lesser area to be covered by Mehendi application. The designs dry up fast. Along with the henna Mehendi artists also use coloured dye to apply designs. Another element of this style is the decoration done by stones.

Choose a Mehendi design that goes with the look you’ve dreamt about for your wedding day. Understated? Go for the fine Rajasthani or minimal Arabic designs then. Quirky modern wedding? Opt for glitter or contemporary Mehendi – and shine – sitting in the pandal or dancing the night away with your groom!

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