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Women fashion is one of the most-lively things in this world. With trends emerging and subsiding fast, it’s extremely dynamic. Nevertheless, a probe into the recent fashion space yielded a lot of interesting things. A very popular trend is layering. Divide and subdivide your dresses. From the basic two-part dresses to the more daring five-piece gowns, one can never be short of innovative styles. And for those who prefer the oriental approach eastern-influenced kimono jacket with adorable brocades or the obi belts are on the rise now.

Complement your look with oriental accessories in the form of bangles or chunky necklaces. Options are there for the niche of oversize fashion from cocoon coats, pillow sleeved jackets to billowing trousers and softly structured skirts. 

Sleeved Jacket
Sleeved Jacket

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While Milan focused more on the metallic shine on everything this season for its glow and lustre, starting from leopard skin to Goth, floral along with 50’s peasant-style maxis ruled the Paris round. Vogue fashion director Lucinda Chambers explains

“Oversize was the cool new message this season shoulders were dropped, lengths were long, trousers had low crotches.”

For the gothic fashionista, black leather in its seductive forms is very much in the international fashion arena. Even Valentino & Calvin Klein presented their sleek leather gowns. Now on the nature side, floral is the keyword. In a base of dark hues, an array of beautiful floral crafted with a dazzling texture is ruling the attires worldwide. 

Thus women fashion strides ahead in her valiant glory. One just needs to keep herself updated.

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