Russia reportedly produced a batch of Covid-19 vaccines

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Russia wants to continue to lead the race in the quest for a vaccine against Covid-19. After the announcement of COVID-19 Vaccine, a first batch would have already been produced.


Russia has already produced the first batch of vaccines against Covid-19, the Russian Ministry of Health said in a press release on Saturday. An announcement that follows by President Vladimir Putin which revealed that the Nikolai Gamaleïa laboratory had discovered a “fairly effective” vaccine.

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The vaccine name called Sputnik 5, this vaccine was developed with the collaboration of the Russian Defense Ministry. In particular, soldiers volunteered for tests.

A pre-order of a billion doses

Western researchers have expressed doubts about the quality of this product, even considering it dangerous to rush the final phase of the tests and to break with the usual protocols. So far, Russia has not published a detailed study to independently verify its results.

The vaccine will first be available to caregivers, then to Russian volunteers. The sovereign wealth fund associated with this research announced that industrial production would begin in September. One billion doses have already been pre-ordered by twenty countries.

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