The AstraZeneca vaccine selected by Brussels

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An experimental vaccine candidate being developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University to protect against COVID-19 triggered an immune response against the coronavirus and appeared to be safe.

The European Commission on Friday decided to an agreement with the UK-based pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to purchase 300 million doses of a vaccine against Covid-19.

European Commission has been announced to step forward against the coronavirus. It has undertaken to buy 300 million doses from the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca, with an option of 100 million additional doses.

“Today’s agreement is the first stepping stone for the implementation of the European Commission’s vaccine strategy. This strategy will allow us to provide future vaccines to Europeans, as well as to our partners elsewhere in the world, ”

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, Said.

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The vaccine of the pharmaceutical group listed on the London Stock Exchange is currently in clinical trials, said a press release. AstraZeneca announced Thursday that it has reached an agreement with biotech, mAbxience, for the production of 150 million doses of its vaccine intended to supply all of Latin America, except Brazil.

Other ongoing discussions

This announcement follows exploratory talks conducted in recent weeks with the Sanofi-GSK and Johnson & Johnson groups. Brussels said we will continue to discuss similar agreements with other vaccine manufacturers.

The European Commission has mobilized 16 billion euros since May as part of the Coronavirus Global Response action dedicated to generalizing access to tests, treatments and vaccines against the coronavirus. The European strategy provides for the financing of part of the initial costs borne by vaccine manufacturers in the form of advance purchase contracts in exchange for the right to purchase a specified number of doses.

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