Volkswagen’s Plans for India

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Volkswagen Electric Car

German Car giant Volkswagen has claimed that the making and launching of electric cars in the Indian market is a tough challenge due to the advanced infrastructure required for the purpose. The Group’s Service Director, Dietmar Hildebrandt, also made the remark that in spite of the initial challenges, they would gear up to launch more vehicles including electric cars, as India is a big market.

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The company has at present 200 dealers across the country and plans to double this count in the next five years, though their main target is to achieve the count by 2015. Taking into consideration the above 10 per cent growth of the company in the past six months, the company had undertaken the job to train more technicians to serve the customers in a better manner. Director Hildebrandt also claimed that a centralized training centre will be opened for the purpose in Pune in October this year. Currently, the Company has been investing hugely in setting up the training facilities, showing its incredible interest in the potential of the Indian market.

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