Wagon R Pro Confirmed By Maruti

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Wagon R

Get ready to pounce on the opportunity as Maruti Suzuki has announced the confirmation of the launch of a limited edition of the Wagon R Pro. The vehicle will come with a neat 11 feature cosmetic package worth Rs. 30,000 for a special price of Rs. 20,000 for a particular time period only. Externally, we can see this limited edition model with an upper rear spoiler, bodyside moulding set, graphic schemes and bumper rub rails. Leather seats and steering covers will constitute the internal makeover. Special wheel covers, beige floor mats, USB equipped doubled in music system and perfume for a refreshing interior will constitute the other secondary changes.

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Manohar Bhat, Vice President (Marketing) of Maruti Suzuki, said that the reason to launch the limited edition is pure because of the inclement sales that limited editions generate. He also stated that limited editions come with vibrant features which attract customers and prompt them to sit up and take notice “in an otherwise dull market.”  According to the company’s inside reports, the car will be offered with a special attractive financing scheme.

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