Whom not to forget for your wedding reception?

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The wedding reception is an ideal time to arrange a get-together of people you care the most. The list of people at a wedding reception should neither belong nor shortened, as you can’t include one and all. But at the same time, you should be careful with the guest-list, as somehow, few very close people get skipped.

In the hustle-bustle of marriage, we tend to forget a few very important names, which should not be the case. Either from the bride’s side or from the groom’s, every concerned individual should be invited to at the reception party.

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People you must invite on the reception

  • Family comes first, and that too, the immediate family is as vital as anyone else to the party
  • Extended family or its important members must also be picked carefully.
  • Friends add charm to the part, and besides immediate ones, you should pick those you might have made in adulthood.
  • You should invite those classmates who have been integral to your days at High school/College/graduate school.
  • Never forget to invite the people you have grown up with.
  • If arrangements are proper, then the friends of friends can also be invited over.
  • Colleagues or co-workers, no matter where you work, must also be part of your wedding reception.
  • Don’t ignore children as without them, the party would be incomplete.

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