Thailand – The Pride of South East Asia

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Has it been long since you had your last vacation? Seriously thinking of getting out for some rejuvenating days?  What about a rendezvous with the ‘South East Asian Paradise’ this time?

Yes, you guessed it right, Thailand, one of the most famous holiday destinations among all places is truly a paradise on its own terms and an international travel destination at par with that of the other namely places on the planet.


One of the most preferred destinations, this part of the world is blessed with literally untouched natural beauty ranging in diversity from the mountains of the north to the sunbathed white pristine beaches of the southern islands with the rich heritage and culture of Buddhist culture and religion. And that’s not all, the vibrancy and youthfulness of the party animals letting their head down is a sight to catch in the amazing nightlife scenario of Bangkok and Pattaya.

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The heartiest thing is that all this don’t cost a fortune to experience, as throughout the country numerous hotels and chains are operating suiting the needs of all at really affordable rates. To taste the luxurious set up in a kingly style The Tower Club at Lebua or the Peninsular Bangkok leads the race. Through January to March forms the best time to visit this island country, May to October is also an alluring choice. This is because one can avail the great concessions in food and lodging at this time of the year.

Rapid expansion in the infrastructure front had led to the hassle-free movement of the visitors to the important destinations of tourist attractions. Conjuring the services of the easy availability of taxis, interconnected system of rail and underground networks along with the timely bus service, it’s just simply a treat to visit the hip and the happening places of Thailand namely Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Damnoen Saduak, Ayutthaya, Bang pa-in Palace, Lampang, Lamphun and Bor Sang-San Kampaeng to name just a few.

The historical sites of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya Historical Parks captivate the visitors with their depiction of the rich heritage and legacy of the erstwhile Sukhothai and Ayutthaya kingdoms. A heaven for the shopaholics, the glitzy dazzling malls, departmental stores and the bustling street markets welcome the tourists to take note of their cotton, silk and leather goods notably.

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