Vacation in Australia

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Having a holiday in Australia is like having a lifetime of experience to one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. Enticing the visiting tourists with its superb set of natural beauty, the impeccable congregation of great shopping, the incredible food and the great entertainment, Australia packs in an enticing range of activities for the holiday seekers!

Key attractions of Australia

Sydney Opera Gala on New Year’s Eve

Sydney Opera Gala

Vacation in Australia is incomplete without attending the gala event on New Year’s Eve. With beautiful fireworks and music, enjoying a breathtaking view of the Sydney Opera House in the background is truly a memorable experience which for sure is to last life-long. The Sydney Opera Gala on New Year’s Eve features famous opera stars and you can enjoy a pre-gala dinner and a midnight party at the same venue.

Woodford Folk Festival

Woodford Folk Festival

While your holiday in Australia makes it a point to attend the Woodford Folk Festival which lasts from 27th December to 1st January every year in the town of Woodford, north of Brisbane. This festival is conducted in a forest setting and is covered over 500 acres of land. The festival concludes on 1st January with brilliant fireworks, music and dance as a company.

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Climate of Australia

After stressing on the notable key attractions of Australia it’s time to shift the attention towards climate and weather of the southern land.  Australia being a continent of mild climate makes it easy to visit several parts of it even during the middle part of the year. Interestingly, when Northern Hemisphere has winters, Australia basks in summer. Therefore Christmas in Australia is celebrated in its summer months. 

Best time to visit Australia

Speaking of the best time to visit Australia, plan your vacation during its winter season. In most parts of the country, including Red Centre, Top End and Queensland, most pleasant time of the year is from April to September. The average recorded temperatures during this time range between 19°C and to 31°C with little rainfall. To be particular, June to August is the busiest months in Australia, as far as tourism is concerned.

Accommodation in Australia

There is a wide range of available hotels in Australia from 2 stars to 7 stars. You can choose any hotel deal suiting your needs and budget in any city of Australia without facing any obligation.

Popular food of Australia

Damper Breads

Damper Breads, Meat Pies and Lentil Soups are just a few of Australia’s popular food.  No holiday to Australia is complete without tasting the heavenly dishes of this country.

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