Visiting Sarawak, Malaysia: A Unique Asian Holiday

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Looking for the best holiday place in Malaysia this year? Sarawak, Malaysia is a good place for this spring! 

Here is a crux of our experiences in one of the most pristine terra firma of the world silently hidden in the lap of Asia:

Sarawak and Kuching


What’s the high point in Sarawak? Considered to be the linguist’s treasure house, the cultural diversity in Sarawak is really the high point. Enjoying the gentle breeze of the place which carried a story from the unknown island or rainforest and of simple indigenous people, we witnessed true bliss over here! 

Lanterns dangling in the lined-up rowboats at the pier of Sungai Sarawak are inundated with the distinct smell of the bygone era.

Swaying to the tunes of the river’s curve while crossing and glimmering in the grand lights which foretell of the urban side of Kuching, it’s how we were welcomed to Kuching! 

Small enough to be explored on foot, ‘Kuching’ in Malay means cat. Don’t fret by seeing all designer ones inundating the city landscapes to the fashion scenes!

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Borneo’s Tropical Reserves 

Seasonal rain patters which are quite normal in South-Eastern Asian islands welcomed us on that drizzly Friday afternoon to the Bako National Park. Located at the tip of the Muara Tebas Peninsula at the mouth of the Bako and Kuching rivers, it boasts of a diversity of biomes and is arguably one of the most serene Old World tropical forests. Interestingly the anticipation of the wilderness that lay ahead and the chance to experience in real the childhood wonders of Borneo seen in National Geographic brought in a tingling sensation!

Paradise of Crafts

Sarawak crafts

Shopping in Sarawak, the crafts paradise was truly exciting especially for my wife who loves hoarding art crafts digging a hole in my pocket. Our main pick included wooden cats, Ikat printed bags, table runners and dresses.

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