Visiting Seoul: A Holiday to Rejoice!

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Remember, if it’s Seoul it’s an unsaid rule to plan your trip in advance unless one is in the mood to waste time figuring things out after arrival. According to our research, we found the best time to visit Seoul to be from April to September and we chose May due to the summer vacation of course!

Any idea what we landed up with?  With cherry blossoms, azalea, magnolia and forsythia with clear blue sky and chirping birds as a company, can anything be more blissful? 

Our sightseeing adventures encompassed the following:

We reached Jeju Island at a cost of $50 from Seoul by air and discovered it to a hot yet amazing part of the world.

What actually took our breath away was Kyoungju in the southeastern part intricately dotted with Buddhist temples having the unique Korean style of architecture. But the main draw is the 8th-century one which is actually a cave temple having the statue of Lord Buddha looking out at the sea.  Being an adrenalin junk, I missed no opportunity to go hiking in the presence of large hills and mountains and got a good dose of recreational activities through scuba diving, swimming and fishing.

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The shopping list included:

For us, ginseng was surely the thing to carry back home from this part of Korea. 

Yuja Cha
Yuja Cha

The abundance of many kinds of tea-green in Seoul, added to my personal favourite ‘Yuja Cha’, the citron tea.

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